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Surely she will get Anna to look after her like she does with Hope now.

Most of the character likely to get axed weren't included in the analysis

Analysis would suggest
Dev _ However moans a lot so might stay. And his children if they don't go when there mother does.
Katie She's much too good to stay in this nonsense
Maria - Her head will get too big after being on DOI
Kylie - Another Actress much too good to waste her time with Corrie.
Gary - Hopefully killed off
Izzy and her father
Mary - EDB won't have anytime for her.
Rita - EDB doesn't really like older character.
Nigel Havers - Don't know why he is slumming it there in the first place he has worked with Sally Field you know.
Norris EDB won't understand him.
Rob - the deadwood will need trimming.
One of the reasons he's 'slumming it' is because a part in a soap, or long-running drama (Casualty, and the like) is about the only work going for actors, these days.

It may be the reason that actors you would least expect, are turning up in shows you'd least expect. Production companies are closing down. More reality TV is being made, because it's cheaper. The general state of the TV and film industries coat, has been on a rather shoogly ( peg for a long time.
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