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for sure, but that is the process working as intended. showing you don't need to be on the motorway for it to happen.

people do rave about the importance of the motorway, but my merc is doing 1300 revs at motorway speed. in traffic it gets much hotter.

if she was only going to get a paper every day i'd agree with you. but 8miles in traffic twice a day will have it running hot.
I'd be a bit worried if my car ran hotter in traffic than on the motorway as it would either indicate that it's overheating in traffic or not at operating temperature on the motorway. Or do you just mean it warms up quicker in traffic?

Incidentally 8 miles won't necessarily bring a car up to operating temperature, my Ford S-Max 1.8 diesel (luckily no DPF) takes the first 10 miles of my 30 mile commute to warm up fully at this time of year.
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