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It is not like out A list all movie actress has been with a million people. She claims to have had sex with fewer than a dozen guys. One of those guys though gave her an STD which has caused her to be unable to ever have children. She has always wanted children and had planned on having children. It turns out though that this B list celebrity significant other gave her an STD which ended up causing internal scarring and has made it impossible for her to get pregnant. He never told her he had the disease and it was not until after they split that she discovered she had the disease. Since that time she has tried to get pregnant through IVF using some samples provided by an A list ex. It did not work. Nothing has worked and our actress has resigned herself to the fact she will never be pregnant. She had a plan and the one guy ruined that plan. When she sees him with other women she wonders if he is telling them or just leaving the women to find out on their own like she did.
First person I though of was Rachel Green like mentioend above and the wedding crasher!
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