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"‘Listen,’ I said, adopting my Beyoncé stance and hand gestures. ‘I assure you I am much busier than you, unless you are a surgeon on the side. You can’t afford me."

"Perhaps these white men are rude to me because I am a middle-aged woman who refuses to flirt with them..."

What a cretin of a woman! Perhaps it's because you are an utter b*tch and if it were up to them, they wouldn't be giving you the service at all to begin with!

And that comment about the funeral was just disgusting.
I'm a single middle aged woman and I couldn't flirt to save my life but I believe that if you are nice to people (including workmen, delivery men), who come to your house, they will be nice to you. Take the man who came to mend my boiler. He was a lot younger than me but we found we had a common interest in naval history so we had a nice chat about books while he was working. What's wrong with offering workmen a cup of tea a) they don't necessarily want one and b) they might not have had anything to drink for hours.
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