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But my journey doesn't last 30 mins or more. Thats the problem. I haven't had a warning light come on or anything. I have read that when the light come on (if ever) you can clear it by going on a long run. We did go out last night for a good 40 mins drive, which probably did it good.

So - do you think i should still to my normal driving style, by working up the gears to 6th gear and not giving it any welly.
Does your user manual give any guidance? I'd say drive normally for 30 minutes or more (not stop -start) but avoid 6th. On mine that equates to about 40mph / 1000 revs and may not be enough.

Cars are different; personally I'd either RTM, google around to see what people are saying for that particular model or speak to the dealer for proper advice. I can advise you on the Peugeot 2.0 diesel that ends up in a lot of vehicles, but not a Kia.
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