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I have Sky Multi-Room, Netgear Router - 1 hard wired Computer and 2 laptops wirelessly connected and a PS3 hard wired.

No sound on the phone line, if I try to dial in it's permanently engaged. I have filters in place.
Sky System Check tells me the phone line is not connected.

It all worked prior to the PS3 being installed, it was previously wireless, having it hard wired or wireless makes no difference.

Does anyone have a solution or do I need to disconnect something permanently?

Thanks for any advice as I don't have a clue, getting really frustrated with it.
The permanently engaged tone when dialing and a silent line has (for me anyway) occurred when there has been an area fault. I remember that the service status page indicated there was no fault in my area but a check of the help forums confirmed there was so maybe see if anyone in your area is having problems too. Good luck:-
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