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Nowt to say as Lotty27 (#256) pretty much summed up everything I thought

Oooh my 4000th post.
Glad to be of assistance

And congratulations!

Way beyond awful and it's such a shame as there's some good stuff trying to get out, not to mention Natalie being able to act the socks off practically anything.....She deserved the award she didn't get and she and we deserve far better writing.........
It's absolutely impossible for me to agree with this more. She actually shows up some actors (*cough* Fiz!) and unless I'm mistaken the actor who plays Tyrone has upped his game now he's playing opposite her which is good. And could be behind what his win last night.

Speaking of that did anyone see Alan's reaction on the NTA's when he won? I genuinely don't think he was expecting it because he seemed to jump with shock He did a nice speech too and didn't forget Liz Dawn and Bill Tarmey. Impressed, he seemed a lovely lad.

Well done you, congrats. At this hour I can only offer you one of my cornflakes.

And yes, Lotteh is a great summer-upperer
I'm going to be getting a big head here

(but thank ye kindly Onj!)

Even though I haven't read the thread yet.

Well done Lotty summation is always very good.

Analysis is imminent, well sometime this morning anyway.
Thank you too Kwynne and as per I really enjoyed reading your analysis

Whilst I agree that Kirsty has mental problems as a result of her upbringing, I do not think this excuses her behaviour. She could have sought help to work through her issues when Ty was very supportive of her, she chose not to.

Also I don't agree that her anger is uincontrollable. If it were she would alway hit Ty behind closed doors where no-one can see. She'd lose her temper in the pub or street or something but no, she holds onto her anger until they are alone.
I completely agree with this. I've thought for a while that she can control it when it suits her. Quite frankly she's just a complete bully like her dad but the actress is phenomenal and makes the character interesting to watch as we see so many layers to her. But ultimately she should have gone to those counselling sessions - it would be very hard to take the first step and go but it had to be done and she didn't.

EDIT: Forgot to ask you Kwynne - what's it like under that bridge? Honest Sian, he's not a troll he's just very direct at times

And bugger! I put 5 on that poll instead of 6 by accident
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