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I quite agree.

Such is the dumbed down nature of 5live you almost know instinctively what level of topic they are going to serve up on a phone in.I thankfully switched off yet again.A whole hour of discussion on this is stretching it but just shows how pitiful 5live has become when they are far more interesting topics on offer. Having given up on 5live I am now finding myself tuning more and more to the excellent and much underrated, BBC World Service.At least they treat you as though the listener as some intelligence. Obviously 5live is now marketed at the lowest level of the ' Down the Pub ' audience and is of the condescending opinion that we are all similar and can be pigeon holed of being exactly that.
Agreed Cyril....i often switch to WS when all night cricket/tennis/us sport/golf etc is on & having worricker on there is a reminder of halcyon days of 5live....

I didn't like him when on but I was wrong & him & fi glover highlight what a shadow of its former self it is......

shame talk radio went to be talksport at least I had an alternative....

don't know what happened to the mighty Scott Chisholm on there he was fantastic!
old school talk jock...big personality even bigger moustache!!
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