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[quote=The Difference;63828674]Sorry to return to a point we've long moved on from, but I cannot remember hearing David Pleat on talkSPORT in anything other than a guest slot, and I've been a regular listener for over ten years.

I'm thinking that perhaps he might be a frequent studio/phone guest on Keys & Gray, a programme I don't listen to so I will not have heard him appearing on it, but even if he is I don't think you can categorise him in the same way you would Matt Holland and Gabriele Marcotti, who are used as football pundits and have co-hosted programmes on both stations, or Henk Potts and David Buick, who have daily slots on some of talkSPORT's weekday shows.[/QUOTE

however you choose to dress it up the state funded radio5 is paying people who the very next day will be on "enhancing" the output of its deadly rival talksport. Would apple engage people who the very next day would do similar work for samsung?
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