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I'm a woman in my fifties, so I doubt it's aimed at people like myself, but I love it.

I wasn't fat as a teenager, but, since I committed the heinous crime of wearing unfetching National Health glasses, I always felt like an outsider.

I wanted to be a part of the in crowd, but they were raucous, I was quiet. They smoked and drank, something I never did. I never swore, never had a boyfriend and loved to read. I was really out of place!

I can sympathise with Rae feeling like she will never get a boyfriend and being self conscious about her size. I wasn't fat, but I wasn't exactly slender either. So believe me I've been there.

As for her so called friend, what a cow! Telling Rae to go first when they were talking about the most romantic thing that had happened to them. Obviously she knew that nothing like that had happened to her. I knew how she would feel, being put on the spot like that. I wouldn't have had anything to say either!

Happily, in my case, the situation improved and lots of nice things have happened since
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