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however you choose to dress it up the state funded radio5 is paying people who the very next day will be on "enhancing" the output of its deadly rival talksport. Would apple engage people who the very next day would do similar work for samsung?
I'm not trying to dress anything up, I'm trying to draw the distinction between the likes of Matt Holland who freelance between talkSPORT and Radio 5 Live on a regular basis, and someone like David Pleat who is primarily a studio expert on 5 Live Sport but gets interviewed (which I'm not sure if he'd be paid for) on talkSPORT once every so often. Clearly there is a difference between the former and the latter. By the same token, would you criticise John Motson, who is employed by the BBC to commentate on Match of the Day and occasional games for Radio 5 Live, for being interviewed on Hawksbee & Jacobs once in a blue moon? Motty's situation here is very similar to Pleat's.

Personally I have no problem in freelancer working between as many employers as possible. I also don't view Radio 5 Live and talkSPORT as being the "deadly rivals" (as regards the relationship between the two stations' management) they once were around a decade ago.
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