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Is there actually any critical poster which you won't attack for the sake of it?

Plenty of stories to discuss.

How about an education discussion?
Nick Clegg not ruling out sending his eldest son to a private school.
School league tables: 170,000 pupils in failing schools
Changes to A levels?

Or how about the results of the Israeli elections? Israel always makes for a lively phone in.

UK Border Agency and backlog of 16,000 immigration cases

Or yes EU membership and Davos speach
On education, two of the three stories you listed broke after 9am. Clegg made his comments on LBC and the league tables weren't published until 0930.

The immigration story is interesting - yep, that could have been a contender.

EU/Davos - really, if you wanted that, Radio 4 isn't it? Ditto Israel.

Again, there's been plenty of "dumbing down" stuff on this thread today. It's quite simple. Five Live is essentially a tabloid station. That's it. Who's pretending otherwise?
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