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Ahh .. DPF the very reason I bought a petrol powered car last year .... lead to believe common regeneration procedure is 20 mins driving a @ constant 56mph or thereabouts, not something I can easily do .... DPF failure cost risk more than outweighs lower fuel economy!
glancing Honest John website seems many 2007 diesel Kia's don't typically have DPF ... like 1.6 diesel kia ceed etc ... but all from 2009 onwards do
I did do a search on our KIA, and was kinda hoping it didn't have a DPF. I couldn't definitively tell. Its a KIA Sportage CRDi XS. 2.0 litre engine. Built in 2007.

If anyone here has better luck than me doing an online search, I will buy you a walnut whip.
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