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I relistened to the livesey show from Monday & the earlier part was not great but the relationships section at the end on parent dating & (separate topic) affairs was actually very good & not handled in a Derbyshire "fanny-centric" (still makes me laugh each time I read that) but sensible adult approach with couple of interesting calls... This unfortunately spoilt by the stupid singing of text messages in between which posters pointed out meant that they had already switched off...shame... this is a bit more of what late night 5live can do ...

To the phone may have been a "headline" dubious... But an hour on did he didn't he kick,should he get punishment was poor & tedious....and a minor story out of others...
No it was the soccercentric BBC approach to everything.. They have to reference it everywhere....and anyway isn't talking about an issue in the news the definition pretty much of current affairs???

on the plus side on breakfast we had no squeezed story (though wu2m at end was bizarre with burden & Reilly) and switch to 2 presenters at 7:00! not before...nicky obviously not interested in Icelandic names...
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