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It is a totally fake relationship - she gets money and power and he gets a beard. i heard she even used to give him permission to see young men on a Thursday night! He is petrified of being found out. Apparentjy he doesn't want to upset the Jewish family and he doesn't want to lose his fan base. But he has lost all respect in the business in his evasion of the truth and its so sad and bad that he doesn't come out and be a role model.
I am sorry you are upset that MB or CM do not behave as you think they should. Your word 'fake' really refers only to sex, or rather the perceived lack of, however. Cathy M is established in her own right btw. I doubt that their feelings for each other as people are fake at all. Everyone is an individual as I'm sure you would agree. Each has their own past and their own hurts and each finds comfort in their own way.

I should think his family know about his accident and that it will not have been easy for him. His fans and others mostly couldn't care less about his 'Thursday nights'. Good luck to him on that score. Nothing to be petrified about at all.

It is wrong to insist that everyone, without fail or exception, 'come out', be a 'role model'. You have a different opinion and that is your right but I consider it a subtle form of bullying.

And maybe not everyone's sexuality is easily defined or written in stone.
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