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To say that out of all these hundreds or thousands of people that have come forward since 11/2012 not one single one came forward in his 50 +years 'reign of terror' remains totally ludicrous.
To also say out all those people thay were all too scared to come forward is also ludicrious when two 8 year old girls sent actor Peter Adamson to court in the 1980s.

As for the police saying "he groomed a nation" is quite pathetic because if it were true what the hell were they doing?
Just one explanation that I can give to your question and what you have said I too have thought. But looking back having been a teenager and a young woman back in the seventies and eighties it was a time where people did not talk about things where things were not out in the open the way they are today and this could explain the delay?

Yes, it IS all a bit ludicrous, isn't it... but it does suggest that 'people' didn't want him exposed while alive because of who else he might bring down with him. Dead men don't talk. It's the only explanation that makes sense imo and the one that makes me very cynical about these 'investigations' and their findings.
That's a fair enough point and could be true.

If im remembering correctly, it all started with the original Newsnight investigation in 2011, in which Karin Ward came forward to talk about what happened, partly because she was due to get surgery and she wasn't sure she'd pull through, she wanted to help the story break but knew she may not be there to witness the after effects so that somehow gave her more confidence to go ahead and take part (there's an article that states as much, I remember reading last year). That show ended up being canned but MWT caught wind of it and basically continued it, making it into the ITV Exposure documentary, getting Karin to take part in that show as well as a few others - I think thats it?. It all started after he died though, yes, as far as im aware.

If the death threats are true (let alone connections he had) it wouldn't surprise me if they wouldn't have felt they could say anything - some people would find it hard enough to speak to the police about it, let alone talk to the press or media. It sounds like he had the internet or at least a computer at one point a few years ago, so I wonder if he checked for people talking about such things online and somehow threatened them online as well? the internet has been around for quite a while...people could have possibly talked about it here but there's at least one article where someone said they saw a PC switched on in his flat and he claimed to know how many websites there were about him, so maybe he did check what was being said and threatened people who tried to talk up? or warned them off making charges? I have no idea. I have heard that he made it clear if anyone pressed charges, he'd go to the Old Bailey and have the best team possible to fight his case ie. you'll have a very tough time getting a conviction, good luck with that :-/

Also, didn't the police tell some alleged victims that they couldn't keep their names anonymous, only to have to admit recently that, that was a lie and they would have been perfectly entitled to have their name made anonymous?.
Yes it was Karin Ward whose story started the whole thing off. Having read both Karen's book Keri and Keri Karin she does mention JS FS and GG. But the one thing Karen does say is that looking back they didn't realise that it was abuse. Which brings me back to my reply to Jack there that people didn't talk about things back then the way they did now.
Just to say though that originally Karin was told about by a doctor because she had suffered a nervous breakdown to write down all her feelings and she did then she put them online where Mark Thomas was doing research about JS and Duncroft approved school for girls for a project/documentary and he just happened to come across Karin's story and that is how this lady came to be involved as BBC asked her along with Mark Thomas if they could do an interview with her for the programme.
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