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It is a totally fake relationship - she gets money and power and he gets a beard. i heard she even used to give him permission to see young men on a Thursday night! He is petrified of being found out. Apparentjy he doesn't want to upset the Jewish family and he doesn't want to lose his fan base. But he has lost all respect in the business in his evasion of the truth and its so sad and bad that he doesn't come out and be a role model.
If Cathy has given him permission to do whatever he does on a Thursday night it's really nobody's business but theirs, so why is it bothering you so much? Who is the 'Jewish family ' he doesn't want to upset? MB isn't Jewish and AFAIK neither is Cathy. In my experience Jewish people don't seem as bothered by homosexuality as non-Jewish ones and take it in their stride.

All this ranting of yours really sounds as if he may have knocked you back at one time and you're bullying him to come out. It's really nothing to do with anyone - including you - if he comes out or if he doesn't.
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