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Sworn testimony is usually a vital part of any sexual abuse case. Rarely, if ever, are such incidents caught on camera or witnessed by other people. I'm not exactly sure what "proof" people are talking about when they say they are sceptical about such cases.....if we took that to it's logical conclusion, very few sexual abuse cases would ever end up in court.

Hence the reason that it is so ridiculous that 'michael jackson' apologist's continue to scream at anyone who might cast doubt over his own questionable activities with children [young boys].
the kind of 'proof' some are calling for as 'eurostar' clearly stated above is almost always going to be impossible to produce.
Make your own minds up folks,look at the evidence that does exist and you decide if 'jimmy savile' is guilty or not...To me its a 'no-brainer' and im glad that to 99% of people it is also beyond serious doubt,without obtaining some kind of definitive conclusive evidence !
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