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With all due respect Saltydog, MB encouraged the truth be told in his radio programme late last year but is not truthful himself.
He knows where the money is coming from - the middle aged ladies - and doesn't want to upset the apple cart.
I disagree with you regarding being a role model. There is homophobia even in showbiz and by coming out he would be setting a fantastic example to young people out there who are still being bullied and threatened and feel suicidal.
MB owes it and he really should come out and be truthful and help others rather than being selfish.
It's hardly a secret that he is actively (passively) as gay as Christmas in the West End. Ps - sorry to disappoint you but MB hasn't 'knocked me back'.
If he hasn't knocked you back, what on earth is your motive for bullying him to come out? Because bullying is exactly what your posts are. It's none of your business what he does in his private life and even if he IS gay, he has no obligation to you, me or the general public to come out. You say he 'owes it'. Why exactly? He owes the public nothing as far as his sexuality goes.

The gay community have many fantastic role models - there's no need to add more just because a bully thinks one individual should be more open.
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