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LJ's lovefest for Mary Berry - who, according to all reports and then snippets from people who've met her or know her in a passing sort of way, is proper "good egg" - is really most odd. I nearly can't take it at face value.

There is no

Viper tongued remarks
Viscous asides


A Peon of Praise. To a woman one would think LJ would loathe and shred as a matter of principle. After all, Mary Berry COOKS, enthuses about COOKING, wants people to get into COOKING. And has made a career of doing just that, with immense success. And is somebody who doesn't bark at people. Has natural charm. And she looks marvellous.

Has Ms Jones had an ephinany?
Then she goes and spoils it all with the BiB in the last paragraph.

Oh, how I wish that Mary, with her unironed face and sense of mischief was nominated for an Oscar just so she could force-feed the starlets fondant fancies.
Almost as if she just couldn't wait to get a last bit of bitchiness in. Always on about being anorexic, she can't see the irony in the 'force feeding fondant fancies' remark - or was it done for alliterative purposes?

This is just a rehash of this article she wrote last year.
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