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I know Stuff...

I didn't know any more after watching this dumbed down excuse for a Science Programme.

Deleted from Series Link, I gave up after 20 minutes.

Not a patch on the RICL Xmas Lectures.

Dr Cassie Newland was a hyperactive annoyance.
(The obligatory female Scientist)

Telegraph review.... physicist Michael Mosley !!

He's a Medical Surgeon.

A Physician... not a Physicist
I agree, I posted something similar to this on a forgotten duplicate thread.

Who is the "genius" who comes up with up with so many similar and in this case, dumbed down programmes about the industrial age?
This started out as if it were some type of reality show.

Newcomen's steam engine demonstrated was only shown in Lucy Worsley's excellent Elegance and Decadance programme on Tuesday night, where she was seen "having a go on it."

I'm only surprised that the two production teams didn't bump into each other.

Shades of "Wicker Island?"

There was nothing on here that hasn't been dealt with recently in better BBC documentaries, even Fed Dibnah's often repeated programmes covered lots of it.

The fact that Bolton and Watt took a third of the cost of the amount of coal saved, by mine owners changing from atmospheric engines to theirs, had to be shown to an obviously perceived dumb audience, by showing three pound coins in the palm of a hand and then taking one away!


To be fair, we were shown two different sized mounds of coal at Drax Power Station, which some poor schmut was obviously asked to pile up with a digger, in case anyone still didn't understand what was, "a third."
The obvious questions like, with such an arrangement, who paid for the engines? How much did they cost? Who paid for the manning and maintenance of them? How much was a ton of coal at the time? were left unanswered.

This was pitched at "Blue Peter/The One Show level," hardly the sort of documentary for which BBC2 was once praised.
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