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Out of curiosity, for those who question the validity of the claims based on lack of evidence, how do you feel about other people who have similar accusations and are found guilty at trial by the same thing, mainly witness testimony and not necessarily any physical evidence, if the victim may have showered after being raped for instance and the person claims their innocent? its not very often that such crimes lead to convictions but it has happened.


Also, I was having dinner with my family when we heard the story on the News at Six about the court case in Oxford against 9 men abusing and raping young teens and they mentioned a guest house that was used to carry out the abuse. My parents were asking why the property allowed it to go on, saying surely it should have been obvious the number of people going in to the same room - do such places have a legal obligation to prevent, I don't know, renting out rooms to people who may be committing illegal acts? especially in this day and age, how does that work, legally? its pretty seedy.
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