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Scarred for life when bawling my eyes out at "Bambi" which set me up for loads of animated cry jags. Off the top of my head "Toy Story 2 & 3", "Lady and The Tramp" (I only have to see a dog, real or animated) and I'm off, "Lion King" and, if you can include it "Babe"

There's loads more, but never having seen "Up" I'm going to search it out.
*sniff* *sob* *howl*

How come I missed this Oscar nominated animation back in 09? I've watched every Oscar ceremony live since they began screening them on Sky in the 80's. Yet it still didn't register that this was worth watching.

Thank you, thank you to the posters who mentioned Up. I absolutely loved it, and bawled my eyes out too.

What a little gem.

Reading the last few posts the next one on my list must be "Grave of The Fireflies"
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