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Only because TUTV complained when DMOL (or TDN as they were then) threatened to group them like that.
Although they went ahead with renumbering the adult channels when an undisclosed provider of adult channels complained. Also, they will eventually move the children's and news channels. Sky's complaint only served to delay the move.

See a bove, replacing TUTV with QVC.
Part of the problem here is that DMOL is set up by the multiplex operators to co-ordinate operations across the platform. It represents the multiplex operators rather than the public. It's not in the multiplex operators' interests to upset their paying customers by moving channels against their wishes. They don't want to lose their customers.

So, we get an EPG but relative channel positions are more closely related to the commercial interests of the channel operators than relevance to the viewers.

If that's the choice, I'll take the EPG.
It's a comparison not a choice. Some of the junk non-programme data bloating the EIT stream could be removed.
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