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And yet, someone such as Jamie Shelton was cast in Emmerdale and Marc Baylis in Corrie. Were they seriously the best actors out of the 80% of actors available? I think not and I think it is a case of who you know rather than how good an actor you are.
Who you know, can sometimes play a big part in it for sure.
But sometimes it's just in the lap of the Gods.

A couple of years ago I auditioned for a a really good part in a one-off drama for the BBC.

I felt, and was told by the casting director, that I had had a really good audition (which means nothing). Anyway, about two days later the BBC announced who the cast were going to be. All well-known actors. And some of them had appeared in some huge stuff.

Myself, and a whole load of the actors that audition didn't know we hadn't got our respective parts. until we read about who was doing it.

Now, I know for a fact that most, if not all of the actors cast, would have had to have had an availability check way in advance. As they were all quite high-profile, with busy schedules. So basically, and unknown to me, the person playing the part I read for, had already been cast. So that was a director/casting director/ producer, going through the motions because they have to be seen to be giving any actor a fair chance. But the reality is, they just wasted everybody's time, with auditions for a production they'd already cast.

That's life. But it gets a bit frustrating sometimes.

You don't always hear you haven't got a part. And after 3 or 4 weeks have gone by, and they've finished filming. You can take it, that you didn't get it

However, announcing the cast so quickly after the auditions, meant they knew who was doing it, wasting everybody's time, and money.

This kind of thing happens all the time. The stories I could tell you.

Also a lot of people think that if you have an agent that they pay for travel and stuff, to auditions. Do they heck as like!! I had an audition a while back for a TV commercial in London. (I'm in Scotland) I was recalled, and ended up going to London 3 times in one week. Each flight cost 140 quid. Which I paid out of my own pocket. Thankfully, I got the job. But if I hadn't, I would have been 420 quid down on the deal. Which I still had to recover from the fee, before I was making money.

My career choice I know. But part of me can understand, to a certain extent, why some people are looking for the fast track to fame and/or fortune. X-Factor, and the like. Because the reality of a jobbing actor can be a soul-destroying one sometimes. And is one of the few careers where, because of the rejections. you doubt your ability more than most. I know a lot of actors who have given up the fight. And I'm talking about actors who have had considerable work, and reasonable success. People assume they're minted and turning stuff down. The reality is they've disappeared as quickly as they came along. Do you remember 'Soapstars'? The reality show looking for unknowns to be the new family in 'Emmerdale' Well, they came and went very quickly. Whilst in the interim upsetting the other actors in the soap, who had spent three years at drama school. Or had had a wealth of acting experience, by working hard and making their way up through the ranks..

I hope you find this interesting, and not preachy, or saying you know nothing about it. For all I know, you may work in this industry, and have a lot of experience.
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