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Here are some of my favourites :-

Taxi Driver
North by Northwest
Indiana Jones Theme(and special mention to the truck chase music from 'Raiders of the Lost Ark')
On Her Majesty's Secret Service(the Bond march was superb in that)
American Graffiti(superb rock and roll songs in its soundtrack)
The Godfather
The Third Man
1492 : Conquest of Paradise
Chariots of Fire
The Long Good Friday
Cabaret(for its musical songs - 'Money', 'Cabaret', 'Tomorrow Belongs To Me', etc.)
Get Carter(original film)
Lawrence of Arabia
Pulp Fiction(the main theme tune and Dusty Springfield's 'Son of a Preacher Man' are used well in that film)
Reservoir Dogs
Goldeneye(I liked the reworked Bond theme and Tina Turner's song)
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