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Good luck to them, they've certaining lasted longer and had more hits then some recent girlbands. They're quite established in the UK despite a lack of #1s so no real need to crack the uk
See but I think they've only lasted so long due to the SclubJuniors former members (Frankie and Rochelle) being in the group.

I think someone is quite clearly determined to get their moneys worth, from all the money and time that's been ploughed into them over the years. Even though if it were any other girl group without these 2 "big" names, they would have been droppped yonks ago.

Their sales are distinctly average. And that's being generous! They're all getting a bit old now (in pop group terms) and 2 of them are mothers!! Not really going to ever bring in the desired fans, is it?

Not saying you can't be successful over the age of 25 (look at PCD!) or can't be successful with kids (Adele) but these 2 examples are leagues away from the Sats. The Sats are just a throwaway puppet pop group

I think the men upstairs should just cut their losse and start over with a new girl group.
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