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I thought Samantha Barks was fantastic - there is some debate about the 'realistic' style of the singing generally but there's no argument about hers, she is terrific because no matter what she's doing in terms of the physical action, she can really carry the melody and sing through every note perfectly without gulping for air or stopping short. She also looked stunning at the premiere and when the principle cast left she alone got a great cheer from the rest of the bit-part cast in the audience - it's her first film but I doubt it will be her last, she looks like a star breaking through.

Eddie Redmayne is a great actor, I've seen almost everything he's done on TV and in film and he's on top form here. I was pleasantly surprised with his voice, though I don't think anyone will ever catch Michael Ball on Marius in terms of pure singing. Without giving anything away there's one bit where Eddie is just reacting to someone else, he doesn't sing or speak, and it's very powerful purely because of his subtle expressiveness. He lights up every scene he's in, he's perfectly cast.
Finally got to see the film today and I would echo that. She was by far the best peformer there.
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