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For the teenyboppers?!!??

Crowe wasn't as bad as jonas.
Oh god, No. Russell is growing on me the more I watch it. Acting wise he gives a bit more roundness than the stageshow does, same with the relationship between JVJ and Cosette. Added to making Marius less of a wimp it gives much better charactisations than they could on stage.
Doesn't mean I've abandoned my biannual trip to London to get my "fix". Both stand up to any amount of scrutiny.. I did always say my opinions are totally unbiased. Ha!

I always thought they'd stuck him in to get more teenies and Americans to buy the DVD.

Whatever, he looked a couple of months older than Gavroche and a successful boy band performer/pop star does not a musical star make.
See Gates Gareth
Steps H
for further proof.

To have millions introduced to the character by his portrayal was the worst bit of casting by Cameron Mackintosh ever. He usually gets it spot on. Samantha Barks was born to play Eponine. Even better than Frances Ruffelle and way better than Lea Salonga.
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