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No, not at all, I too found your info fascinating, junnja, so thanks for sharing.

It rather confirms what I suspected, ie 'known' actors will usually get a part over an unknown. It's the same with any jobs I suppose - a young untried person will almost always be passed over in favour of someone with experience, but how is the young and inexperienced one ever going to get the experience if nobody will employ them.

Classic Catch 22 really.

But I know there are some productions where they insist on using only new faces, and I wish you all the luck in the world in breaking in, if you intend to keep trying.
Thanks.Yeah. It's a tough world out there.

Originally Posted by lotty27
Fascinating post Junnja - and I was very pleased to read that you got that London job after spending that much on airfares!

You've got more tales? Please share
I was pleased too. However, because of complaints, the ad was pulled after only two weeks. So I didn't quite get the money I could have. Them's the breaks.
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