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I quoted your post because Karens' excellent post was too long, but thank you so much for that.
I've known a very well known TV presenter since he was a kid and he has met and interviewed literally thousands of Zlebs from A listers to -z.
He's also been at the taunts of hs sexuality by people who haven't a clue. If he was he'd just come out and say it. What you see is what you get. It makes him ache with laughter.

Before I ramble on, his opinion is that Michael Ball is one of the kindest,most loving men you can meet and he loves interviewing him. He is in a very caring, long term relationship with Cathy. Why every single musical theatre star has to be outed as gay is beyond me. What if is? I should think there are more gays in the theatre than straight. But they're mostly completely open about it. It isn't a stigma so why the nudge nudge, wink wink, cryptic and plain bloody obvious innuendos are of interest to anyone I dont know either. Daughterqueen I find your posts bordering on the offensive.
.He gives people hours of pleasure either at concert or on stage and his persona is of an excited puppy, I find that more endearing than "n" amount of precious luvvies. Dont get me started on Patrick Stewart and his ilk.
Noone is under any obligation to let all and sundry know their private life. It doesn't matter.

Most of all he protects his family and privacy fiercely not parading them across tabloids and magazines, so most dont know anything about his life.

I wish you'd speculate on people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. I want to know if they're gay.

And yes that last sentence was me laying on the sarcasm with a trowel.

I am a woman in my 40's and would not want to get caught up with either of them.
He is a crooner. Not my cup of Rosie at all. But I can't understand why he is not honest can you?
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