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From CDAN:

For years this A list all movies actress has been providing an allowance to her C list actor ex. Recently though she cut him off and now he can barely pay his monthly bills. He never saved anything because he always had his ex as a bank. Things have gotten so bad that he is trying desperately to make a deal with a car company for an endorsement so he can keep his current car.

From CDAN:

Are you are director? Want to have sex with a really attractive B list movie and television actress? Give her a chance to be in your movie and chances are it will happen. Her last four movies she has ended up sleeping with the director. And now she uses birth control so you don't have to worry about any accidents.
The first one I assumed would be the Clueless ex of Miss Cash/Walk The Line
I imagine lots of model gossip the next few months.
I don't get it
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