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BiB - Me too!

TBH I think it's pretty appalling that someone's reached that age and can't do the basics like whipping a duster round the place or boiling an egg. At 46, Dave's parents can't exactly be in the first flush of youth either and they won't be around forever.

Come on Dave - it's never too late to start. Help your parents, remember what they've done for you and you can repay them with doing some housework, washing etc, or making them a nice meal.
I'm glad you've said this Sally. I've actually edited it from my post now because I felt I was being a little harsh, but no, your right, it is appalling.

There should be no perhaps about it Dave. Your parents are not getting any younger and you should be helping them now!

Cleaning is the most stupidly easy thing ever. How hard is it to spray a bit if furniture polish and whip a Hoover around?

Thinking about it I was doing the washing up from a young age as well. We have a dishwasher now, but back then we didn't. I could make myself a bacon sandwich at a similar age, wack a pizza in the oven as well. No one asked me to do it either, I offered!
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