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Jason Donovan.

Was doing work experience at the media relations department of a radio station when he turned up for his interview. Huge, floppy hat, gigantic shades and a massive list of topics the DJ's were under no circumstances supposed to ask him about!

He also cancelled a meet and greet with some "Donovan superfans" about half an hour before arriving at the studio (and these women had been waiting for him for a good few hours), and when asked why, gave no reason.

As soon as the mics were on though, he became the picture of graciousness and humility.

I use to like Jason until the treatment on the audition stage of the programme and wrong information given and making out that Jonathan Ansell does not care about his fans
Yes I know programmes are edited but what they did was way out of order and Jason did not say sorry when fans alerted him that Jonathan does care about his fans and that he did have permission to go for role of JC from the producer of ATO2C Paul N,
Jason also was in SOM when he left to go on DOI or what ever programme it was that he left SOM for.
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