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junnjam, acting isn't the only profession that happens in. I went from London to Devon for a teaching interview and had to stay overnight. Didn't get the job, along with another candidate from London. The person who was supply teaching it got it. We found out while we were there that it was Devon's policy to only employ people already living in the county and they were interviewing two from outside because they couldn't just give the job it to the supply teacher - they had to interview three.

As we got expenses, we ran up as much as we could - upgraded to first class on the train back, had dinner, taxis, etc. Made them pay as much as we could.

Interesting to hear your experience. You'll have to let us know if you're going to appear in something where we can recognise you, but with so many of the big names wanting to appear, particularly in soaps, we can all appreciate it can be very difficult. Hope you get your break soon.
I wasn't for one minute suggesting that it was. We kinda got on to somewhat of an acting thread. As the previous poster suggested most British actors were doing rather well in the US. I can only comment from my POV.

I know that situations like yours happen all the time in all kinds of jobs. It's disgusting. However, there's also the situation where the person, in your case, the supply teacher who's been doing the job, gets passed over, in favour of someone unknown. That's gotta hurt.

I am quite far down the road time-wise, with my acting career, and have appeared in lots of stuff in film, TV and stage. Not all actors are looking for their big break. most just want to work within the career they've chosen.

It sometimes appears people arel fast tracked, when they're not. An example being a friend of mine, Billy Boyd, who played Pippin in The Lord of the Rings, has been acting for years. Long before TLOTR. He was doing a play at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. Someone with a connection to Peter Jackson saw him, liked his acting, and the fact he's about 4 foot nothing. lol. Suggested him to Peter. And well, the rest is history. I remember doing a whole day of stuff with Billy at a writers workshop on new pieces for theatre, written by various writers from all parts of Europe, for 50. Next thing I know....BOOM!! He's a millionaire. It's a strange business, indeed.

As we got expenses

Actors usually only get expenses when they've got the job. The money spent trying to get it is all self-funded. And in the majority of cases, lost. The more well-known you are, or how much they want you, the less likely you'll have to spend money. I got a call on the night before, that Martin Scorcese wanted to see me for 'Gangs of New York' in London, the following day. Cost me an arm and a leg for the flight, as it was all last minute. Didn't get the job. Money lost. .

Funnily enough, that TV commercial I was talking about ended up running over, and filming went on right up to the last second. I was flying back up to Scotland and had to get the last flight. The client paid for a taxi, from the centre of London, out to Stansted Airport. 150 I never paid a penny. As I said, once you get the job. You just lie back and they feed you grapes, so to speak. Doesn't happen very often though.
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