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I thought there was some interesting information, but it wasn't made more understandable by having someone cycling a bike in circles round a turbine hall. The three presenters looked ill-at-ease to me, which was surprising as two of them are used to being in front of the camera doing science shows. Michael Mosley's niche is medical stuff / biology, so perhaps he seemed an odd fit as lead presenter? Instead of listening to what they were saying, I found myself wondering if there had been a row between presenters, or among the production team, or if it was actually being filmed live! I think they might have been better off with just one presenter. With three of them, it became Blue Peter Explains Electricity
The three of 'em did make a very determined effort to "engage" an audience at the beginning of the programme.

However, I immediately detected that all this apparent "carefully rehearsed enthusiasm" was an indication of what level the rest was going to be pitched, which I think did it no favours.
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