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Hi norbi.

As regards TV, I can see that it probably wouldn't have been a realistic idea to cast Brad Bitt as Robbie Donovan, but I'd sure as heck have paid more attention if they had.

They've probably all done their one-line bit in some awful TV show, at some point.

Personally, I think TV seems to have an even smaller pool of actors to choose from, hence the reason we see the same old actors time and time again in almost everything. For example, why is almost EVERY ex soap star pretty much guaranteed a place in Holby or Casualty (or The Bill in the old days)?
OMG!! I so agree. However, it's not that they a have a smaller pool of actors to choose from. There's thousands of talented unknown actors out there. It's their choice as to who they go with at the end of the day. I'm afraid, as far as imagination is concerned. Some of these so-called professional creatives, can't see further than the end of their nose. I once got told the reason I didn't get a part, was because they were looking for someone with a beard.: Yeah, right. I can grow a beard. And if I didn't have time. Why are you seeing people without beards, if you're filming so soon? Don't get me started on the TV stuff.. Apart from the fact most of them got a million-pound golden contract with the TV companies involved. How come nearly every TV drama always seems to have Sarah Lancashire, Robson Green, Caroline Quentin, Anna Friel, Suranne Jones, and the like, in them? Who are IMO, all insufferable. Don't mind seeing someone regularly if their any good. The king of them all must be, Mr one-accent, James Nesbitt. He's shoit.
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