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Christina Ricci- looked like she was going to be big but has faded a bit in recent years
Jennifer Connelly- beautiful and talented actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh- very versatile and little known
Lori Petty- looked like she was going to be big in the 90s (Point Break, A League of their own, Free Willy) but than Tank Girl ruined it for her
Thora Birch- looked set for big things after Ghost World and American Beauty and squandered her success on rubbish
Mira Sorvino
Vinessa Shaw
Martha Plimpton - great in everything she has done but not conventionally attractive enough to be a leading lady
Karen Allen- so good in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Scrooged
Phoebe Cates- sort of her own fault for retiring but she was great in the 80s
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