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The Grey
Basically ‘Dances With Wolves’ with me boy Liam Neeson being a total badass! Thought the ending was a little predictable and disappointing – it cuts off at a bit where Neeson is at his arse-kicking best – and that sometimes it felt like it had been made on closed sets with dodgy CGI backdrops, but those things aside I thought the rest was bloody good! A gritty survival story (that alone I liked) featuring some decently developed characters, especially Neeson’s main character. There’s numerous themes chucked in there – survival and death being two of them – and although I’m not spiritual by any means the religious motifs work well and aren’t over-baked. The soundtrack is also mighty impressive too and Liam Neeson holds the whole thing together with a great performance as always. Pretty good stuff. 8/10
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