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Blondie, I honestly think she is trying too hard now - it's a ridiculous charicature of an article (well most of hers are) but this really is beyond the pale - there are so many outrageous statements it's hard to know where to start.
This is the paragraph that makes me think she's really gone and lost it.

And in answer to the dozens of women who have stopped me in the street (OK, in Selfridges) to say ‘Why have you not commented on horse meat?’, all I can say is I wouldn’t dream of eating Dreamy, my disabled pony, but equally I would never eat Kevin, my lamb, or Mummy Sheep, my sheep, or Mini Puppy, my puppy. One of my chickens is on a course of chemotherapy, so precious is her life.

All animals are sacred, not just those that built an Empire.
WTAF has that got to do with over 30 middle class mothers?
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