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Surely you at least know how to boil an egg? I was about eight when I learned how to do that. I still live with family and I do most of the washing and ironing and my brother who also lives at home is a better cook than my mum! (Not being mean, she'll tell you herself that he's better than she is).

Living at home is no excuse for not learning essential life skills. I wouldn't dream of expecting my mum to do everything for me and she wouldn't do it either. When your parents do everything for you then you have no incentive to ever leave. I already have itchy feet to move out but can't afford it at the moment.

No one should have to teach you this stuff. Cleaning is not hard, operating a washing machine is not hard, even cooking isn't that difficult really. My mum has bad arthritis already struggles to stand for long periods, so we help her. That is how it should be when your living under their roof
I don't want to get in to making excuses for myself here; the thread is, after all, not about me; I just brought my own situation in to explain why I might be a bit biased in feeling that the way Helen was raised was not necessarily so bad, and that what seems "not normal" to some can seem very normal to others.

However, I will point out that both my parents are still fit and capable, especially my mum, and that I do do some things - washing the dishes, for instance, is my job. If their health deterioriates, I certainly will do more.
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