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His performance in Chilrden of Earth was incredible too totally heartbreaking.
Thirding Peter Capaldi, who was also excellent in series 2 of The Hour. I suspect that his rather unconventional looks may have prevented him getting leading roles when he was younger, but he's really coming into his own now.
I didn't see Children Of Earth but heard great reviews of it, and am currently watching The Hour as managed to somehow miss that too!
I have to disagree with the unconventional looks though, I think he was beautiful when younger and he's not half bad now.
Originally Posted by konebyvax
Paddy Considine. Truly chilling performance in Dead Man's Shoes and amazing directorial debut in Tyrannosaur.
Can't believe I forgot Paddy C, Dead Man's Shoes is one of my favourite ever films. The scene when he's just talking to Gary Stretch still has me tensing up every time I watch it.

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