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But no guarantee of future lasting success - as can be seen from the list above which reads like a 'Where Are They Now?' list.
Shayne's in a Dancing on Ice show after 2 hit albums, yes dropped by Syco but he's still around.

Matt's still around still signed still performing, 2 albums now both in the top 10.

Joe's still around still around with 3 top ten albums.

LM are still doing well, Leona is too. Why people think Leona's flopped is beyond me...just because one single didn't chart?

Alex is making music.

Leon and Steve have flopped yes, but the only ones.

Don't understand the perception that if someone isn't heard of in the news or isn't coming consistently number 1 that they're necessarily doing badly.

They're not like Rihanna, Beyonce, Mariah and Adele no (Leona's the closest but c'mon she's still doing alright). Does not being a global sensation mean they've flopped? Does that mean they've done badly? Does that mean they're not talented? No, no and no.

Tired of the echo in here.
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