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Oh dear, you are 46 and live with your parents but, as you said in your previous thread, you do very little housework? You should be doing it all!!! I am guessing that your parents are now retired and, if not elderly, are at least pensionable age. They've earned the right to slow down and relax, and really shouldn't still be cleaning up after their middle aged son.

Have you ever left home? If not, then I feel sorry for your poor mum if she's been running around after you for 46 years!

I make my children do more than you do! My 18 year old and 13 year old each cook dinner for the family once a week, my 17 year old does the dishes every day and puts the rubbish out, my 12 year old cleans the bathroom, and my even my 7 year old cleans the downstairs floor every night with the steam mop. They put you to shame!!
Totally agree.

My son is 32 and still lives with us at home and even though he has Aspergers, he cleans his room, does the washing up, cooks and helps his dad (retired) in the garden in summer.

Fortunately Mr Salty and I are both still fit and well, but if anything did happen to us at least our son would be able to do things for himself despite his ASD.

Sorry Dave, with respect, by writing what you did, I think you have to accept at least some of the criticism levelled at you. Your parents might be fit and well now, but they might not be in the future. If my son can do things around the house with his ASD, and MadMoo's 7 year old is steaming the floor every night, I think you might start to do more now, rather than when your parents get too decrepit to do things for you. 46 is way too old for being treated like a child, and so is 24 in Helen Flanagan's case.
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