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Denise Welch. I have had 2 separate encounters with her. In the first one, I was working for the same company as my friend in the Anthony Cotton example above. I took a phone call from her and the first thing she said was her name. (presumably so I'd do more for her.) When I treated her in exactly the same way I'd treat anyone, in other words, no preferential treatment, she was really angry. Her exact words in a very angry tone were, "oh, thank you I guess."

The second time, I was in a shop up north in a town where she was in panto and we both walked round the same aisle from different directions and nearly bumped into each other. My immediate reaction was, "Oh, I'm sorry." She immediately looked at me like I'd just crawled out from under a stone. No apology. I hadn't realised it was her for a few seconds. We didn't actually collide. It was no-one's fault. To look at me like that and not apologise when I had was horrible, I thought.

If I'd not had both encounters with her, I'd think maybe one was an off-day. But both? No, she's so rude and up herself. I actually really dislike her and can't watch her when she's on tv.
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