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Hmm... hope LJ hasn't used the real names of her coursemates. [+Wantology is a misprint, imho ]
I reckon Dave, the 'life coach' geezer, was taking the p1ss when/if he referred to the Lizard as being 'kind, caring, patient and funny'. In your own world, lass, because if being patient amounts to snapping, shouting and having outbursts for no apparent reason, then I'm glad I live in mine. The 85-hour-week garbage was beyond a joke and once again she mentioned cupcakes. This middle-aged harridan comes from a time when they were always called buns, plain and simple. Would she say, for instance, 'Have you heard about Fiona? She's got a cupcake in the oven and is due in six months.' Or, 'The girls looked adorable when they went to their ballet class, with their hair swept up into neat cupcakes.' No, she probably wouldn't if she ever bothered to read back the bunkum she trots out, as she once railed against the 'Americanisms' that have crept into our language. I've noticed that she now always refers to Nirps as 'my husband', not the 'ex-husband' any more. Do you think he's taken up drumming/guitar lessons and they've got back together, as the head in the bed on the Dreary drawing a few weeks back had a full head of black hair? She promised a 'twist' about the RS a year or so ago; this might (yawn) be it.
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