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From Blind Gossip

This cute young celebrity is in a tough spot. He wants to live as his real self, but he is part of a group that could suffer if his image changes. Here's the situation: He is gay. He has always been gay. But the role he has to play is one which girls would find him attractive. So for the past couple of years, he has pretending to be straight, and pretending to enjoy girls idolizing him.

Now he is growing increasingly uncomfortable with that role. He is frustrated he can't he can't openly date guys his age. He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feel this way. However, for now, he is the only one has been pushing management to allow him to be "The Gay One". He really wouldn't mind that label at all. The others are trying to stay out of the controversy. While they are privately supportive of him, they are content to play the public game of pretending they are all straight as long as the paychecks keep rolling in.

His management team - which is substantially older than him - vehemently opposes his coming out. They have made it very clear to him that they are there to sell an image, not to cater to his personal desires to come out. They believe in the more old-fashioned "girls are only interested in straight boy celebrities" school of thought. They don't believe that a gay young celebrity will sell. They are so convinced of this that they have warned him that if he goes rogue and announces that he is gay, and fans tune out.... he will lose his job.
Not the only one and the gay One i think are clues.... I'd give it two years at most before they're both out. Everyone else in the room can see it....
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