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He gets called indulgent, like it's a bad thing. He makes films that he would like to see. What's wrong with that? Especially if you happen to love cinema, and the films that Tarantino homages.

With critics like yourselves, Tarantino can't win either way. If he was given a film to direct of a popular franchise, then you'd all call him a sellout.

If you can't understand Tarantino's mantra, then you have no place watching his films, nevermind offering your critique. Simple as that.
You can dress it up or spin it out in whatever way you choose, but the truth is that he rips off other director's material. If understanding his mantra means sticking your nose up his arse then I'd rather not understand it thank you.

I mean, am I supposed to drop my jaw at Pam Grier standing still on the walkway and say, wow what a shot, genius, or am I supposed to think, hasn't Nichols already done this before? Sorry, but its the latter, just like fans of City on Fire thought when their film was "remade" years later. Homage, my arse.
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