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I really can't believe how totally snobby and hard people are about this good little programme. It's primetime on BBC2 so it has to appeal to the masses, most of whom may need things explaining in layman's terms.

You want the nerdy stuff for university graduates and people who already have a keen interest and knowledge on the subject then turn to BBC4.

Personally I'd much rather watch stuff like this than half the brain dead stuff that's on most of the time.
Perhaps you are younger than some of those who are complaining about it.
It is their belief that there's been a progressive dumbing down of documentaries. It's all about ratings, getting as many people to watch and so for some, making it a lesser programme.

I always use the analogy of an old rhyming ditty, containing a lot of alliteration, about a Dutch ship's captain and his cargoes of sacks of rice, which were always contaminated with mouse droppings.

He argued reasonably, that he appreciated there was no way he could avoid having the mouse droppings, but why couldn't they be put all in the same sack?

If you scroll back you'll see my post about the ridiculous lengths to which they went, to explain what was a "third."

A classic example of total dumbness.
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