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Watched it yesterday. (R1 blu ray).

Possible spoilers ahead...

I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed as it is yet another case of a very misleading trailer.

It's NOT an action movie - there is a plane crash at the beginning and the rest of the movie is concerned with the investigation into this crash, and Washingtons struggle with his alcohol and drugs addiction.

There is a potentially interesting story in the notion of Washington's character being a 'hero'...his actions in landing the plane with very little loss of life is nothing short of extraordinary, and plus the fact that he was high on drugs and also drank alcohol while on the plane.

The crucial part of the story is that the events that caused the crash were not attributable to Washingtons inebrriated state, so once the truth is known about his addiction, his 'hero' status comes into question.

But what the film spends most of it's time on is Washington wrestling with the guilt of what happened (of 6 out of 102 people who died, two were cabin crew, one of whom he was having a relationship with) and his struggle to stay sober during the investigation...and there is nothing here we have not seen before, despite Washington's excellent performance. It's all very cliched and familiar.

I would have preferred to have seen more emphasis on the investigation, and it's not until near the end of the movie when the eventual hearing takes place that it begins to grip.

The plane crash itself is...interesting. For once it's not a spectacular cgi fest, rather it concentrates on what happens inside the plane, on the characters, the pilots actions etc. Very few shots of the actual plane crash at all, which makes for a somewhat different and interesting take on the event.

There were parts of the movie that reminded me of the Jeff Bridges movie Fearless, it has a similar feel to it.

Would be interested to know what people think of John Goodmans role...he only has a few scenes, and is a sort of 'comedy relief', which I am not sure sat well with the tone of the rest of the movie.
I too was mislead by the trailer and didn't expect the film to unfold as it did. Though once it settled down, i really wanted him to become more proactive in attempting to investigate the incident, that he was so sure he wasn't at fault for. That would of added so much more suspence and action to a what was a poor portrayal of a drunken man, that barely attempted to quit his addiction or understand the implications of his actions.
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